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Why Advertise?

  • Reach New Local Customers.
  • Generate More Sales.
  • Raise Customer Awareness.
  • Boost Employee Moral.
  • Build a Healthy Local Image.
  • Influence Buyers Throughout a Buying Cycle.
  • Create Powerful Website SEO Backlinks.
  • Because Competitors Advertise.
  • Support Our Community.


How do I get started?

  1. Pay for an application review selecting which county areas you are interested in advertising. *
  2. Once approved begin uploading your banner ads for moderator approval.
  3. Purchase banner ad display packages to display ads as desired.

* One-Time Processing Fee
* Once approved you can request targeting specific town(s) or page section content topic(s).


Countyshare Sponsor Advertiser

Apply today to begin the account process allowing you to create banner ad campaigns that will help promote locally.  Our sites target traffic of people interested in a specific county area utilizing our search engine optimized (SEO) site pages powered by our COUNTYSHARE™ platform.

Once your account is approved you can begin selecting plans for your banner ad to be accepted for display on sites dedicated to provide resourceful content pages related to a county area.

Banner Ads Allowed:

  • Business
  • Organization
  • Non-Profits
  • Products or Services
  • Public Figure (Local figures only such as politicians, entertainers, ...)
  • Events (Events located in the county or area targeted only)

Banner Ads not allowed:

  • Businesses or entities that are not physically active and/or located in the area they wish to display ads.
  • Any material submitted that does not follow our site code of conduct, rules and guidelines.
  • CountyShare reserves the right to not allow any ad we choose on any of our sites regardless of any rules posted here.

We work hard to keep all content including ads to be directly related to the county area each site is dedicated to grow.

Please submit ideas to help us better serve your marketing goals.  We value our traffic and enjoy seeing quality results being produced from our internal efforts to connect our visitors to anything worth of knowing about within a county area.  Your sponsor advertising contributions and feedback helps us help you even more!

If you have any questions about advertising please check our solutions knowledgbase for answers or feel free to ask for basic help in our community Q&A page.  For more serious concerns that cannot be answered by a community member or our knowledgebase solutions please submit a ticket using our support helpdesk.

Need Help? Visit our knowledgebase solutions center for helpful articles.  We also offer help and support using our helpdesk. Create an issue ticket and we will respond as soon as we can to help assist you. 

Request a Countyshare™ powered site for a county or site features in our community ideas and we can keep you along with anyone interested notified with updates and information regarding it.

To advertise on Countyshare™ sites you must first register.  Use our store to apply as a banner advertiser, purchase credits, available merchandise and sponsor donations.

To ensure the safest place possible allowing collaboration between members online all sites are moderated with the help of our community along with all users agreeing to abide by our Countyshare­™ sites contributor code of conduct.

Countyshare™ does NOT sell personal information collected to third parties.