COUNTYSHARE® is a subsidary of the private company Walbaum Enterprises, LLC licensed in Washington State.  Our mission is to help America's people, communities and entities thrive within each county area in the United States of America by assisting with organic growth utilizing today's cutting edge technologies.  Through the power of community support from our members sharing to promote things inside the USA we strive to build bridges between businesses and people living, visiting and working locally in all county areas. 

We encourage everyone to join our mission and share what they care most about to help inform others supporting the great things inside all our wonderful states, counties and towns.  Our main drive and purpose is to see as much success along with competition thrive in America!

We here at Countyshare® would like give a HUGE thank you to everyone for all the continuous love and support for our country. An extended thanks to our veterans protecting our American way of life, our hope and our individual dreams!

God bless you and our most awesome country in the world!


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