About Our Company


COUNTYSHARE is a subsidary of the private company Walbaum Enterprises, LLC licensed in Washington State.  Our mission is to organically grow our company utilizing today's technologies to help serve communities in the United States.

CountyShare brings communities closer together utilizing online apps on our developed sites.  All of our community sites are designed to help our CountyShare visitors and members engage our platform allowing everyone to interact sharing interesting content and discussion topics.

Sharing local content such as events helps communities become more aware of things happening around a county.  Connecting members to helpful solutions that create more time for enjoying life in each area.

We encourage everyone to help contribute by sharing what you may know about a County or an area within that you find is interesting. If we dont have your county site up yet please submit an idea to create a site for your area.  Our goal is to eventually have created a site that helps serve each county or parish and its surrounding area in the United States.

Please feel free to browse the communite sites we have currently listed in our directory. Have fun learning about those areas and review all the site features that what will be coming your local areas way in the future.

A special thanks to everyone who has helped to make all of this possible.  We will continue to provide the best service possible as we deliver new innovations yet to be implemented into our platform.  There are so many new features on the back burner we would love to present to you and with your support these will come to light sooner than later!