Local Promotions

Organically promote things for free you wish to share located in a county on our platform!

Promote Local Things Using Countyshare®

Join Countyshare® to begin sharing things you would like to promote for free locally within our platform designated to server your county area.  Organically grow awareness about things you feel others might find interesting like a local event, business, product, service or anything else that fits our company mission and code of conduct. Use our local community networking platform to help promote great things located in a specific county area utilizing our search engine optimized (SEO) site pages powered by COUNTYSHARE®.

How to promote on our local community network:

  • Forum Posts
  • Event Listings
  • Business Listings
  • Classified Listings
  • Ask Questions and Exchange Answers
  • Submit Ideas
  • Engage in Social Groups
  • Create Blog Articles
  • Plus Other Enhanced Promotional Features!

Visit any of our pages related to a county area to explore even more ways to help get the word out.  Feature your content through paid subscriptions and by earning reputation points for rewards to unlock enhanced listing features!

Things to promote:

  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Non-Profits
  • Products
  • Services
  • Jobs
  • Public Figures (Local figures only such as politicians, entertainers, ...)
  • Events (Fundraising, concerts, sports, community events, sales, grand openings, etc...)
  • News
  • Media (Images, Videos, Pod Casts, etc...)
  • Sports
  • Wildlife
  • Places to Visit
  • Things To Do
  • Volunteering
  • Resources
  • And so much more!

What is not allowed:

  • Businesses or entities that are not physically active and/or located in the county area.  We are work hard to keep user generated content relevant to each county area.  To help us continue to organically promote things you share please be sure to only post where you will not be flagged.
  • Any material submitted that does not follow our community code of conduct, rules and guidelines.
  • Countyshare® reserves the right to remove any content deemed unacceptable by our team moderators along with our community members who have earned trust granting them community content moderation powers on any of our sites, sections and pages regardless of any rules posted here. 

Please keep things shared within the scope of our company mission.  We will try to stay as liberal as possible by allowing things to be shared on our platform.  Countyshare® is a place to collaborate and work together with local community members within county communities as a healthy place for everyone to contribute content they wish to share.

If anything does not make sense please let us know in our community sections.

We work hard to keep all content including ads to be directly related to the county area each site is dedicated to grow.  Violations or abuse of these simple rules could result in an account temporary suspension or a permanent ban.  The quality of our platform is based on the quality of our members and content they share.

Please submit ideas to help us better serve your marketing goals.  We value our user generated quality content organically being produced from our members to connect our visitors to anything worth of knowing about within a county area.  Gain the most reputation points by sharing content most suited for our Countyshare® members.

If you have any questions about advertising please check our solutions knowledgbase for answers or feel free to ask for basic help in our community Q&A page.  For more serious concerns that cannot be answered by a community member or our knowledgebase solutions please submit a ticket using our support helpdesk.

If you are interested in paid subscription banner advertising targeting your county area please visit our advertising page.

Thank you for being kind and understanding while we allow the best place to help you organically grow awareness about things in every county located inside the United States of America!

Need Help? Visit our knowledgebase solutions center for helpful articles.  We also offer help and support using our helpdesk. Create an issue ticket and we will respond as soon as we can to help assist you. 

Share with Countyshare®  community ideas and we will do our best to add new features as recommended by members to help us better serve your local advertising and promotion goals.

To advertise on Countyshare™ sites you must first register.  Use our store to apply as a banner advertiser, purchase credits, available merchandise and sponsor donations.

To ensure the safest place possible allowing collaboration between members online all sites are moderated with the help of our community along with all users agreeing to abide by our Countyshare­® contributor code of conduct.

Countyshare® will NEVER sell your personal information collected to third parties.  We use only in-house analytics and work hard to maintiain everyones privacy on our platform.