Advertisement Rules & Guidelines

Our list of rules and guidelines for adverstisements to on CountyShare powered sites.

COUNTYSHARE Advertisers are welcome to use our platform sites to promote using our community member site features and paid subscription plans offered.  We expect all advertisers to follow these rules and guidelines for adverstiments displayed on our sites:

  • Do not use "ghosted" characters.  Use color contrast for easy to read ads.
  • Do not only use a nickname in the ad.  Clearly state a name or trade name as registered with departments of government.
  • Include any mandatory licensing information as provided by government entities as required.  If you are a licensed agent or a contractor you must follow rules that are applied by officiating entities for local, state and federal governments.
  • Include a website address and a phone number.
  • Advertisements cannot be misleading or inaccurate.
  • Must have authorization to advertise the property, product, service, event, name or trade name.
  • Advertisements must also follow our code of conduct community rules.