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March 17, 2020

Due the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 disease global pandemic COUNTYSHARE™ is postponing our official grand opening ceremony announcment we had been planning for in the coming months.  Our current focus has shifted to the outbreak of this COVID-19 disease in our communities. Our current motiviation is to launch as many new sites as possible just to help get information on how to limite the spread of the disease in as many communities as we can about the Coronavirus.  These sites will be "bare-bone" but will serve a current purpose to help get credible information to the public to help limit the wide-spread infectious disease from spreading even faster in our local county communities.

We are working hard to get a  discussion forum to allow members to community members another way for engagement and a resource page dedicated to local, state,  federal and world information along with government updates related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease global pandemic emergency crisis.

COUNTYSHARE™ is learning how we can best respond and evolve with the crisis to help all communities we can as the situation status is currently unknown.  We encourage those who have questions to engage our community site features and get help. 

If you feel you are exeperiencing any life-threatening situation DIAL 9-1-1.

We will have notifications similar to the one below on each site with as current of information as we can quickly get to everyone from credible sources.

We urge everyone to take care and try to stay healthy using the guidelines currently provided to help protect you, your family and your neighbors from spreading this deadly disease.

This disease can stay around a long time in your community and we believe if people do not follow these guidelines it can get much worse before things get better.  You can get the disease more than once.  From our current understanding a family or community members can keep passing it around and around again.

We will be also providing information from the CDC, WHO and other state and local government entities.

We hope you all stay safe and healthy as possible during this crisis.  Please submit any ideas on how we can enhance our sites to help along with any feedback or questions in the forums.  

Thank you all for any support and community contributions!