Company News

COUNTYSHARE™ is postponing our grand opening ceremony and site launch we had planned in upcoming months.  We have changed our focus on helping get as many COUNTYSHARE™ sites online as fast as we can to help support the fight in limiting the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease.

These COUNTYSHARE™ sites will be limited for time being to only have main 2 site commuity features for each county area we can get to with all the limited resources we currently have available.  We are ALL-IN on helping out with this COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease global pandemic crisis situation at hand.  We will focus on "ground zero" Washington State sites for counties primarly along with the entire West Coast to follow.  Then we will create sites for all the largest counties in each state with a primary focus on those that are being affected by the spread of the disease the most.  We will add more site features as resources allow us to do so. 

Site priority features will include the following to start:

  1. Dedicated page for COVID-19 Coronavirus 2019 Disease with information, resources, updates, printable information and anything else relevant we can find mostly provided by local, state, federal and world government sources.
  2. Discussion forum for community engagement

Secondary features we plan to add are as follows:

  1. Answers exchange for asking community members questions.  Our site members can vote up best questions and best answers to those questions.
  2. Ideas for submitting ideas to help community members.  Our site members can vote up best ideas.
  3. Things to do while inside.  Best community members submitted ideas will get included here along with ones we find are worth mentioning.
  4. More Resources for other local things

These priorities are set to evolve dynamically for each dedicated area as things unfold in the near future.  Please excuse typos and other potential site errors as we are working day and night to get things out as fast as we can.  Our limited resources is where you can help by reporting feedback in our forums and other site features if available.

Please user our support helpdesk on our COUNTYSHARE™ parent site for account issues and feedback here for any sites that do not have a support helpdesk system currenlty setup.

Thank you all for any community support on our sites!  Together we can help limit the spread of misinformation about the disease pandemic and get credible information to everyone on our communities.