Our Team

Our company team currenlty consists of 2 founding members along with all members of our COUNTYSHARE™ community sites dedicated to each county area.  In 2020 our plan is to officially launch our startup local social networking platform as COUNTYSHARE™ powering sites. The company is co-founded by Cody Walbaum and Karina Walbaum who both have been very active and enjoy getting involved with local community activites. 

This passion for their local community is what has driven the founders of COUNTYSHARE™ to have a strong desire to build a community resource using technology being used today.  Not only an all around information technology specialist and entreprenuer, Cody Walbaum has worked close with small and medium organizations, schools, parents, teachers, kids 10-13 of age as a coach, businesses along with folks in his local community area.  As a piano instructor and mother Karina Walbaum has also worked with many community people like students, parents, schools and non-profits helping out those in her local communities.

We are working to expand our team with representatives in all areas of the United States reaching out to local communities.  By helping build community relationships that will power our platform sites syngergies we also think of YOU the community as part of our team as well. 

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.  We work to train and educate our associates and community members to become an extremely powerful machine that can build links to help make each community chain stronger.