We welcome all local area people to join our Countyshare® community sites to collaberate through discussions sharing things helpful to those visiting, working and living your county.  Start by connect the Countyshare™ site by selecting your county on our sites page.

Site features include:

Community Pages

An enhanced online section for each county dedicated for our community members to discuss, share and promote things in a county area.

  • Share things related to each county area.
  • Gamafication grants points for starting or joining discussions
  • Grow your local reputation sharing expertise.
  • Gain experience unlocking badges for recognition.
  • Get extra points for votes up on ideas and answering questions.
  • Community rules and guidelines help keep a fun place for all to share online.

Resource Pages

Our CountyShare™ powered community websites deliver ways for our visitors to connect to many local resources online located in each county area we have created a site for.  One day we hope to cover all resources located inside each county within the United States.  Please post a request in our Countyshare community pages if you are interested in seeing a site for your area as it will help us prioritize that area.

Local Pages

In our local pages we offer all the places to eat, stay, visit, shop and much more.

Local Advertising

Feel free to share and promote events, a business, products, services and display your expertise in the area.  Gain reputation points by providing helpful answers or ideas accepted by our community members. 

Our mission is to help build awareness of everything worth knowing about in each county area!  For those who want to be found locally our site features offer ways to help you grow.

It is free to post basic listings simply by registering with our site.  We also offer a community subscription for anyone wishing to unlock features that enhance user experience and community reputation.  Features include from blocking ads to site look and feel options along with enhanced posting abilities everyone will gain value with one simple yearly fee that in turn helps support our misssion for our community project and site goals.

We also offer subcription plans with enhanced features designed for promoting anything local in a county such as a company, brand, entity, organization, event, VIP, products and services.  Have a special deals you want to regularly promote we build SEO pages that are going to help backlink to your site promotion page that holds strenght with content related to the local area you provide for.

Sponsor Banner Advertising

Grow your local name or brand using sponsored banner ads that can be targeted to display on select county area site(s).  Sponsored banner advertising on our sites is what helps us maintain and build new features for those specific site(s).  Each county site is independent from another site in terms of development and participating community members.  Once approved as a local area banner advertiser you immediately gain access to the advertiser dashbaord. Here you will be able to easily upload your banner ad(s) targeting a county area you would like to promote and view statistics thel help give an idea of the performance of your banner ads.


Sponsored Donation

Countyshare™ is currently in startup phase as we work hard to build out each site for each county area in the United States.  Our goal is to have a site with our community mission powering additional online help for each county grow. You can help us accomplish our mission goal faster today with a sponsored donation the resources for growing and maintaining our community sites.

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Thank you.